Called by God but Refused


76-Called by God but Refused

Have you considered that we may have judgments concerning the various ministries, such as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists? Not the kind of judgments where we critically judge a person in that ministry but the kind of judgment where we have DEFINED what those ministries actually are! What if our perception and perspective is wrong? What if our perception and perspective is incomplete?

Many years ago, I was sent by The Lord to speak to a man called by God to be an evangelist but he had wrongly judged what that calling entailed. His view was limited according to his understanding at the time and as a result, refused the word of The Lord. I still grieve to this day as God had shown me the nature of His anointing and that more people were to come to Christ through this man than any other man before him, even Billy Graham.

Brethren, remember, we still see through a glass darkly and unless God were to reveal to us the greater scope of a particular calling, what we understand today is limited at best. Even those walking in their calling are limited according to that measure given to them. Only Jesus was given the Holy Spirit without measure. So, we do not yet see what a greater measure looks like nor can we limit God in defining what it CAN look like.

So let our words be measured and consider that what we are able to see and understand today does not necessarily mean that is the full extent of the truth. Remember, we are still looking through the glass darkly and only those to whom God has given a more extensive view can see a greater glimpse of His truths.


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