Faith Laid the Foundation…


64-Faith laid the foundation but obedience builds the house.

This statement was born many years ago in me as I began my journey with Holy Spirit. I experienced many dreams and visions along with many miracles and healing and deliverance. When I shared with others these experiences, their reactions were the same. They all felt I must have great faith. When I pondered this, it was then I realized that it was faith that opened the door when I entered into God’s kingdom but once inside His kingdom, all these other things occurred NOT because of great faith but simple obedience. I simply did whatever He told me to do. I did not question Him, or doubt Him for He has shown Himself to be faithful and true. How can He lie?!

If any one believes in Him, Jesus said that greater works shall he do. Why? Because Jesus came to do a specific work and had only 3 1/2 years to accomplish it. We have many more years to take advantage of what God wants to do through us if we make ourselves available to do it and not limit the Holy One with unbelief or our traditions.

The only limits of God are the limits we impose on Him. We MUST NOT bring Him down to our level, based upon our limited experience but elevate Him to the level He exists in, far beyond our understanding and comprehension. There is nothing too difficult for God.

He can open eyes to see where there is no eyes. He can cause legs to appear where there is no legs. He can speak to the dead and raise them at His command. There is nothing impossible for Him.

If we truly believe this of Him, then it becomes impossible for us to not believe that He can do what He desires. Then it becomes a simple matter of obeying whatever He tells us to do. If He says to ask Him to make it stop raining, then it is not up to us to make the rain stop. It is up to Him. All He asks is for us to agree with what He wants to do. If He says for us to cross a raging river by walking on that water, then it is He that will hold us up to allow us to walk where no one else dare walk. It is not a matter of one having a great faith to believe the impossible. It is a matter of knowing the One who makes the impossible happen and doing as He says…simple obedience. Jesus said the size of your faith does not need to be large but faith as little as a mustard has enough power to move mountains.

Faith laid the foundation. Obedience builds the house.


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