Hearing the Voice of the Lord


72-Hearing the Voice of the Lord

Just as a small baby, hears the voice of its mother and yet does not know that voice. Does not yet understand the sounds she is making but is comforted anyway.

This is how we hear His voice initially. Eventually, as we learn more of Him through His word, we begin to understand words, thoughts, feelings, and concepts of truth that we can begin to identify as coming from His Spirit.

As this happens, we begin to recognize the difference between our voice and His. Eventually, just as a small child begins to mimic the sounds of the words it hears, so we begin to mimic the sounds of His heart.

Soon, we are able to learn how we can express to Him our own heart and hear His responses. None of this can be rushed but will take time. We must be patient. It is becoming familiar with His word that we are being trained by His Spirit to recognize His voice.

We do not need to memorize scripture at this point, nor do we need to study it. What is most important is to read His Word daily. Become familiar with His letter to us and the sound and tenor of His voice in all situations.

It is through this process that we will be able to learn the language of the Spirit and be able to converse with Him and have true fellowship.

This learning to hear His voice, is one of the most crucial things we need as we grow in His wisdom and stature. It is this fellowship with His Spirit where we receive the instructions and the guidance that we need to be set free from the bondages of sin and walk in freedom.

It is this fellowship in the Spirit that we are being led by His Spirit and learn what it is to become sons of God. And from sonship comes the basis for service.

So do not rush things. Growth takes time and in this time, we learn patience and in this patience, we learn how to walk in rest.

It is when we walk in His rest that we find the source of our everlasting peace that neither circumstances or trials or testing can deprive us of that assurance of our salvation that even the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against.


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  1. Frances says:

    Enlighten. Heard it before but still saw it like the first time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jerry says:

      Thank you Frances. I went through, just now, reading it again and it had that same affect on me. What’s funny is that I am the one who wrote it and yet, it came to me as a vital and needed reminder.


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