Pray for Leaders…


65-Pray for Leaders…

Do you pray for your church’s leadership? If you say you do, do you know what their greatest needs are? These men and women have been given a great responsibility and that is to raise up the body of believers unto a mature man. This is not an easy task, especially in today’s world.

There are many things that keep pressing on their time and energy, of which they give as much as possible but cannot shoulder the burden alone. This is why there are ministry staff and other areas of leadership within the church body. In all of this, they have the greatest Boss in the world but One that demands perfection and absolute obedience.

A leader is judged more critically than an average believer is judged for they are called to be living examples of what God is desiring in us all. It is not a do what I say scenario but a do what I do. Just as the parents are required by God to raise up a child in the fear and admonition of the Lord, these leaders are tasked with this same burden.

With all their respective responsibilities, their greatest responsibility is to walk in obedience to what God tells them to do and sometimes, this alone is a monumental task, especially if there is a course change ordered by the Lord.

So pray that God keeps your leaders humble and that they continue to walk with a pure heart before the Lord. Pray they are able to face down the myriad of temptations to draw aside to other things as God calls us all to walk in Holiness before Him. Satan’s greatest attack on leaders is an attack on their time. It is Satan’s wish to overburden a leader with too many tasks that he or she is unable to manage alone.

God’s wisdom is needed everyday in their lives to be able to choose the correct priorities and to receive proper guidance as to which course of actions they are to take. It is inherently easy for someone in charge of the House of God to make decisions before asking the Lord based upon previous experiences but anyone with just a few years of service knows and understands that what may work today does not mean it will work the same tomorrow. So wisdom and guidance, the fear of the Lord, humility and holiness are the most pressing of concerns that we need to pray for our spiritual leaders.

Remember, the work of the ministry is for us all as we are all called to the priesthood of believers but those who have been set apart for this task in our midst, shoulder a much greater burden. So prayer for them is not only essential but a MUST!


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