The Spirit of the Lord Expressly Warns


55-The Spirit of the Lord Expressly Warns

After Holy Spirit has come down upon men once again as at the beginning, there will be those from among you who, having been disqualified by the Spirit, will arise to take a place of servitude to those who are moving by My Spirit.

Do not allow these to serve as they will be a source of much contention and strife as they seek to elevate themselves in the house. Pride of heart has lifted them up and theirs is not a heart to serve me, says the Lord, but they seek their own. Remove them and the contention and the strife will cease.

Do not be afraid of their great swelling words or their accusations for as they rise up against you, they are rising up against Me, says the Lord. I will deal with them. You are not to lay a hand against them. You are called to walk in peace! I AM the Lord and I will protect you. Do not fear them or their words.

For if you do not do as I instruct you but allow these to remain among you, they will greatly hinder the work I am doing in your midst. In some places, the work will be so hindered that I will lift My Spirit from among you and My work with you will cease. Do not let them remain among you, says the Spirit of the Lord.


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