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Greetings in the Name which is above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ of whom I serve.

I am Jerry Sundberg, called in the early spring of 1976 to be a son of God and to serve as a prophet to His holy people. Drawn by truth and trained by Holy Spirit through direct revelation. Through many years and numerous visions and dreams, God has shown me the path of life in a very unique way. He has simplified what many have complicated. It is my earnest desire to make plain the words of the Lord to His holy people, to enable you to continue in your own journey by helping you to understand His purpose and His ways as revealed through the Spirit of Truth.

Early in my own walk, I was given my call by way of a vision. In this vision, I had already chosen the narrow path that leads to life and along this path, it was given to me to see the whole of this path. I saw that I would be confronted with additional choices between a broad and narrow path. Each of these forks in the road would be a confrontation of some aspect of my life that did not conform to the will of God. If I acknowledged this as true and submitted myself to Him, although painful, I would be able to pass through but if I resisted and did not want to confront this weakness of my flesh, then my passing through it would be delayed till I yielded. Once I saw the entire course, I chose to yield to the Holy Spirit’s working without resistance. In this vision, I reached the end of this path to a place of immense peace and safety. I was so relieved and joyful but never wanted to have to go this way again.

After standing in this peaceful and joyful place for an undetermined amount of time, I realized I could no longer remember the pains I went through to get there. At that moment, Jesus came to take me by my hand and we proceeded up a mountain. We floated above the trees and as we traveled higher up the mountain, I saw the path below me that I had traveled. Eventually, we made it past the tree line on up to the top of this mountain. From this vantage point, I looked back down the mountain and saw my path but also saw paths of others. Many had gotten delayed because they did not want to confront those issues in their lives that God wanted to change. I saw tens, then hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, then a number too many to count. All of these walking out their own paths.

Then I turned my attention to the surrounding mountains. There was a vast range of mountains and as I looked, there were people at the base of those mountains as well. I could see them as well and as easily as I saw those at the foot of the mountain I stood on. My attention returned to those at the foot of the mountain I stood on and as I gazed at them, it struck me the large numbers who were struggling against God and His purpose in their lives. My heart became heavy. Just then, Jesus, who was still standing behind me said, “I have compassion on My people.” When He said these words, His great compassion flooded my soul and I felt what He felt and loved them the way He loved them. Then He asked, “Who will go and help them?” By this time I could not resist. I said, “I will.” And so the vision ended.

Later, He spoke to me through the scriptures out of Ezekiel 33 calling me a watchman to the house of Israel. I was to hear a word from Him and whatever He said to someone, I was to speak to them of what He said. It was then I realized I was called to be a prophet. It would be many years before I was able to realize this calling as much preparation was needed in my life to be able to both hear and obey His voice. Today, after 38 years, my thoughts no longer belong to me nor do I give heed to the voices of myself or the evil one. I have consciously chosen to seek to hear only one voice and that is the voice of my Savior and Lord. It is through this measure that He has given me that I write as He gives me utterance. It is my fervent prayer that these words will minister to you the strength and the way that He has ordained in your life since before the foundations of this world. May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

His humble servant,

Jerry Sundberg.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. Ron says:

      Just came across your blog. Very much a blessing.


  1. Ron says:

    Grateful for your obedience and love for the Father and Son to bless us with these words of life from Him.


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